Real Estate Market Reports | Greater Boston

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At Dwell360, we keep our finger on the pulse of the real estate market in Greater Boston. To that end, we have produced 2015 year end market reports for over 30 local areas in eastern Massachusetts. They contain residential market data and statistics for the sales of single family homes, condominiums, and multifamily homes over the past ten years. Browse our reports for valuable insight into the ever-changing real estate market in your neighborhood and the surrounding areas.

In almost all towns, the average sale price continued to rise in 2015!   



Annual Market Reports by Town:

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The positive changes we have seen in the market will continue to be true in 2016, but will require sophisticated navigation to ensure success. Dwell360's real estate agents use an innovative and progressive marketing approach to connect with today’s buyer. We combine a positive attitude, state-of-the-art digital marketing, and time-tested marketing tools that create an impact. Contact Edward Johnston to navigate through this changing time in real estate with agents both progressive and experienced in today’s market.